Sexual Misconduct
Using sexual misconduct for political purposes has proven a successful strategy for over 30 years. In the era of Trump 'resistance' the strategy has a renewed priority.

Another Kavanaugh Flakeout

from The Wall Street Journal,

Democrats must be secretly delighted, not that they’ll admit it. A couple of GOP Senators fell on Friday for their ruse of seeking an FBI investigation of an assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, and now this Supreme Court nomination ordeal will continue for at least another week. Who knows what new dirt against the judge they can throw on the Senate wall? On Friday the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Supreme Court nominee in an 11-10 party-line vote, with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake the last convert. That should have sent the nomination to the Senate floor and a vote early next week. But then Mr. Flake had a crisis of, well, something and said he wanted another FBI investigation before a floor vote. After Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski said she agreed with Mr. Flake, GOP Senate leaders agreed to a one-week FBI probe into current accusations. President Trump obliged and put the FBI on the case again.

Not that even this extra week will satisfy Democrats—or Ms. Ford’s Democratic handlers. Debra Katz, Ms. Ford’s lawyer who was recommended by Democrat Dianne Feinstein, said Friday after news of the delay that “no artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation.” Look for Democrats and the party’s media wing to repeat this like the Rockettes.

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