Impact of and misleading information about the Obama EPA's "Clean Power Plan"

from Institute for Energy Research,

The so-called "Clean Energy Plan" recently announced by the Obama Administration will impose higher energy prices on families, businesses and the poor. Energy experts estimate US electricity prices will increase by an average of 12 to 17 percent. Our friends at the Heritage Foundation estimate a loss of $2.5 trillion in GDP and more than 1 million jobs lost as a result of this plan. This sweeping EPA rule will shut down power plants across the country and may fatally weaken the national energy grid. But the plan will do almost nothing to actually reduce carbon dioxide - the supposed purpose of the rule - by the EPA's own admission. The regulation, even perfectly implemented, means skyrocketing energy prices and will only reduce global temperatures by an immeasurable 0.019 degrees Celsius by 2100. That's right. The EPA's new carbon rule fails to impact the climate in any meaningful way. Obama's plan: - is the single most dangerous policy the EPA has pursued - shuts down coal-fired power plants - will dramatically increase electricity rates with rolling blackouts to follow - will result in job losses - is a national energy tax policy, not about saving the environment - is probably illegal But all this doesn't mean we aren't passionate about advancing a pro-American, affordable energy policy that results in a resurgent economy! Just the opposite. We paint a vivid picture of two energy futures for our great country: 1. One future is mired in recession, facing ever-increasing energy prices and dependent on foreign countries and regimes that are often hostile to the US. 2. The other is a future built on affordable, American energy - using the resources right beneath our feet - providing an opportunity for America to pick herself up off the ground and return to her former glory. Outlining these two futures for our countrymen is important because - as you and i have seen over and over - when the American people know the facts and have a vision for a better tomorrow, policymakers fall in line.

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