Wikipedia refers to the Iraq war as follows: "The Iraq War, or the War in Iraq (also referred to as the Occupation of Iraq, the Second Gulf War, or Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United States military), was a conflict that occurred in Iraq from March 20, 2003 to December 15, 2011, though sectarian violence continues since and has caused hundreds of fatalities." Well said. Again, call this campaign anything you want, but realize this was and is part of the global War on Terror. If you believe this invasion was disastrously stupid, then please tell me how you think the last 10 years of fighting terrorism would have been better with Saddam Hussein still in power in Iraq. What follows below is discussion around how to monitor the developments in Iraq as they fight to establish a country that is friendly with itself and its neighbors.

Obama’s Evolution on ISIS

from The New York Times,

President Obama said Monday that “we don’t have, yet, a complete strategy” to confront the threat posed by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. The president acknowledged in a news conference after the summit meeting of the Group of 7 that almost a year and a half after the United States and its allies began confronting the Islamic State, “the details are not worked out.” Here are some of Mr. Obama’s statements about the American strategy to confront the Islamic State and its effectiveness.

Jan. 27, 2014 Obama Likens ISIS to ‘J.V. Team’

May 28, 2014 Defining the Extremist Threat

Aug. 7, 2014 Action in Iraq

Sep. 4, 2014 Recruits NATO’s Help

Sep. 10, 2014 Airstrikes in Syria

Sep 24, 2014 A Blunter Tone

Sep. 28, 2014 Admitting Errors

May 21, 2015 We Are Not Losing

June 8, 2015 No ‘Complete Strategy’

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