Best advice ever?

from The Gray Area:

The Gregory-Lincoln Middle School in Houston pulled down the following quote on their wall after a woman complained.

Is this the bet quote ever? Rush Limbaugh thinks so: We’ve all been raised with it! It has very many different forms. I mean, parents had a version of this. Bring home the wrong kind of girl, and you would get the quote, you would get the message — and if the girl brought home the wrong kind of guy, her parents would tell her a version of this quote.

But a woman saw the quote — a student saw the quote — and was horrified, was scared to death.

So, anyway, the school caved. They caved. I mean, they… Folks, they caved inside of 30 minutes, and the quote is gone.

Others think so too:

“I agree with this quote 100%,” one person replied to Beckman’s tweet. “So sad to be removed.” “Best advice ever dished out at a middle school,” replied another.

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