Could this be another reason our schools and kids are so violent?

from The Gray Area:

Everyone with kids in school have noticed that discipline is almost none existent. No parental discipline. No school discipline. No police discipline?

Suppose the federal government was paying schools and local police departments not to arrest young people who break the law? If you are in high school and get caught breaking a law, stealing, robbery, assault, you name it and you knew that you would not be arrested or incarcerated, what would that do to your attitude about crime in your community? What would it do to discipline in the schools? How would it affect the actions of other students if they see that kids are getting away with juvenile antics and much worse?

Apparently the Obama administration wanted to stop the high school to prison pipeline and established an incentive program.

Is it the height of ignorance to say you have improved a problem with minority students going from high school to prison by just not catching them or not counting the perpetrators anymore?

What would this do to the accuracy of background check information or following up on a tip that a student might shoot up a school? Or, followup by police on reported problems, like a shooting, at schools.

Could this be another reason our schools and kids are so violent?

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