The Boy at the Center of ‘Clockmaker’ Controversy Just Met with Accused War Criminal

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from Independent Journal,

When Ahmed Mohamed got arrested for bringing a clock to school that administrators thought was a bomb hoax, news of his detainment went viral.

Mohamed’s story received so much attention, President Obama even invited him to the White House.

He has yet to meet with Obama.

However, Mohamed was recently in Sudan, where he met with a much more controversial figure – accused war criminal Omar Al-Bashir:

While the exact details of Mohamed’s meeting with Bashir aren’t clear, the Washington Post did report that the boy was “extremely delighted” to meet with the Sudanese president.

Here’s the thing: The International Criminal Court has accused Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Men under his command reportedly gang rape the women they capture and kill the men who oppose them.

Interestingly enough, Mohamed’s father has run for president of Sudan unsuccessfully in the past. The meeting with Bashir, regardless of intentions, is sure to spark a lot of controversy.

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