San Francisco demonstrates hypocrisy with Uber lawsuit

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from Patriot Update,

The city of San Francisco is demonstrating that the left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. They actually had the gall to sue the company Uber because they have been shown to hire convicted felons. According to a story on Business Insider the lawsuit alleges that Uber misled it’s customers by saying their background checks aren’t thorough because they only go back seven years. The D.A of San Francisco has a problem with California rather than Uber because seven years is what the State requires by law.

San Francisco is being hypocritical however because it openly flouts these requirements itself. Since it is a Sanctuary city it in effect doesn’t background check those who come to live and work there. What’s worse is that when someone who has committed a crime is in their custody they release them out into the public. This happens when they are protecting someone from being deported by the Federal Government. The man who killed Kate Steinle, Francisco Sanchez, is a particularly egregious example of this. U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement had issued a detainer for Sanchez, requesting that he be kept in custody until Immigration authorities could pick him up. Even knowing he had seven felony convictions they released him onto an unsuspecting public.

According to the U.S Government Accountability Office 27% of all Federal prisoners are illegal aliens despite making up just 5% of the general population. The leaders of San Francisco, all liberals, know these statistics but still decided to make their city a destination for illegals by promising not to hand them over for deportation if arrested. It appears that the only way liberals will rouse their indignation is when an upstart company threatens a Government monopoly which helps finance their elections. Liberals don’t care about the victims of crime unless they will help them keep and grow their power and fundamentally change the makeup of the nation they say is flawed. The victims of illegal aliens just don’t fit that bill.

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