Biden Meets With Warren – Powerful Left-Wing Combo

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from The Gray Area:

Joe Biden is considering a Presidential run for 2016 now that Hillary Clinton, the Democrat front runner and anointed 2016 candidate, continues to slide under the weight of serious allegations and her lack of trustworthiness in polls.

Over the weekend, Biden met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), the darling of the far-left radicals of the Democrat Party. All of sudden energy has been injected back into the Democrat Presidential campaign universe.

This is significant. The other candidates on the Democrat side, Sanders, O’Malley etc., jumped in due to the absence of another far-left, Obama-style candidate. They recognize the far-left runs the modern Democrat Party. Listen to Bernie Sanders and you hear all the lunatic far-left soundbites. The only reason he has 1% is because of the strength in the Democrat Party of the far-left Marxist wing.

As much as the party as a whole loves Hillary Clinton, the far-left radicals know that she is not Barack Obama. She is liberal, will continue Barack Obama’s policies and will appeal to the leftist strength of her party, but her Marxist credentials are not hanging from her pantsuit as they are with someone like Elizabeth Warren. So for Joe Biden, a Clinton style left-wing liberal Democrat, plus Obama’s VP, to cozy up to the far-left darling, Elizabeth Warren, you have the possibility of a unifying 2016 Democrat Presidential ticket.

Biden/Warren anyone? That would be a strong ticket for the lunatic left.

The only problem would be that they are both Northeastern liberals. Taking the political map into consideration, they will need to expand the geographic connection better.

But watch this dynamic. It will prove a strong influence on the 2016 race.