The longest floating structure in history is about to hit the ocean. It might fix a big problem.

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By Laura Willard,


The design might seem simple, but it’s definitely not.

In 2016, “the longest floating structure in world history” will be placed in the ocean.
Don’t worry — it’s not another super yacht or party barge or some other contraption that will further pollute the ocean. Nope, this one is a good thing.
It’s called The Ocean Clean-up, and it’s a 1.2-mile-long system designed to collect and remove plastic from the ocean.
For two years, it will hang out in the ocean hopefully to begin undoing what we’ve done for decades: polluted the heck out of the water with plastic trash.

It’s basically a stationary array of barriers that uses the ocean’s natural currents to collect the plastic at a central location.
When I first wrote about The Ocean Clean-up a year ago, I thought it was something that moved through the ocean, collecting trash as it went.