Huntington Park, California has completed lost it’s mind

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from The Gray Area:

In Huntington Park, California last week, officials appointed two illegal immigrants as city officials. By any basic logic, this is a horrible decision and a even worse message. While our country debates how to handle illegal immigration, appointing illegal immigrants to city council or any other position reveals how far some people in this country are moving away from well grounded common sense.

The following questions were asked by CBS correspondent Ben Tracy during his interview about the appointments on Tuesday. Tracy gave Julian Zatarain a softball question to start, but then brought up the seemingly obvious point that he’s actively breaking the law:

“[D]o you take responsibility for the fact that you’re currently breaking federal law of the United States?

[is] the city “sending a message that you can break the law and be rewarded for that?

Tracy then played a soundbite from Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) President Dan Stein:

If you start giving out those benefits like they’re candy, not earned, ultimately, you destroy the value of citizenship and the basis of our American democracy.

These are the basic common sense messages that are being ignored by these appointments.

Another resident made an impassioned plea against the appointments and the reasoning used by City Council to support them. MUST-SEE: Black Woman Rips Council over Illegal Aliens

The Media Research Center also reported on the Spanish-language network Telemundo covering this story. The result was predictable and favorable toward the illegal immigrants. As MRC Latino’s Ken Oliver-Méndez reported on August 11, Telemundo’s Un Neuvo Día had both Zatarain and fellow appointee Francisco Medina on for a fawning interview on August 4 touting how the pair were “making history.” Also in the interview, the pair were assured by co-host Neida Sandoval that they will do “an excellent job” serving as “a great example” for others.

Fox & Friends interviewed another impassioned resident who spoke against the appointments, Francisco Rivera.

Maybe the next election will allow the good citizens of Huntington Park to replace the current lunatic council members. If not, they will have no one to blame, but themselves.

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