Donald Trump Says He Would Deport Illegal Immigrants

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from The Wall Street Journal,

Republican candidate vows to scrap President Obama’s executive orders if elected.

Donald Trump is calling for the deportation of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally and for the end of automatic citizenship for children born to foreigners on U.S. soil, adding specifics to the hard-line immigration stance that first helped his Republican presidential campaign take flight.

The positions, outlined Sunday in a television appearance and Mr. Trump’s first campaign policy paper, fill in some policy details to what so far has been a candidacy driven by free-form television appearances and flashy rallies. Now, Mr. Trump will outline his stances on several other issues in papers that will roll out in the next few weeks, his campaign spokeswoman said.

Mr. Trump’s policy prescriptions will likely open him up to new attacks from Republican competitors who have seen their candidacies eclipsed by the star power of the wealthy businessman and television personality. Kevin Madden, a Republican strategist, said the other hopefuls can no longer assume Mr. Trump’s campaign will flame out, and they will have to draw distinctions on policy.

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