The American Left Celebrates: Viva Fidel!

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: They are all excited in the Drive-By Media. The American flag was raised today over the American embassy in Havana, Cuba. Such a great day for the Drive-Bys, such a great day for the American left, and such a great day for Fidel Castro. Victory for Fidel Castro is considered victory for the American media. Here is a media montage of how it all went down…

MATT LAUER: (b-roll noise) For the first time in 54 years an American flag will be raised at the US Embassy in Havana!

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Now to the historic moment that is set to unfold in Cuba!

BECKY QUICK: A historic day for Cuba and the United States!

MARGARET BRENNAN: (outdoor noise) A Cold War standoff will end here in Havana when the Stars and Stripes fly once again on the island.

ROBIN ROBERTS: The historic raising of the American flag…

MICHAELA PEREIRA: It’s a historic day for Cuban-American relations!

CHRIS CUOMO: Jake Tapper in Havana this morning! Buenos Dias, Senor Jackito! Pasa bien!

JAKE TAPPER: (outdoor noise) Buenos Dias, Christopher! It’s going to be great!

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