Jeb Bush Is Trying to Blame the Iraq Crisis on Hillary Clinton

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from Mother Jones,

He just set a new standard for chutzpah.

Jeb Bush is trying to pull off the mother of all chutzpah moves by blaming Hillary Clinton for today’s troubles in Iraq and the rise of ISIS.

Yes, you heard that right: The brother of the fellow who invaded Iraq on false premises, and who did so without a coherent and comprehensive plan for what to do after the defeat of Saddam Hussein, is trying to jujitsu this issue and heave his hefty family baggage onto the shoulders of the leading Democratic 2016 contender.

Three months ago, Jeb Bush couldn’t give a straight answer to a simple question about the Iraq War—a stumble that raised serious questions about his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. How could he be unprepared for such an obvious matter? And now—when he’s not faring so well in the polls and trailing Donald Trump and others—he’s attempting a new tack: pointing his finger at Clinton. Though this stunt wins Bush attention—the New York Times front-paged his attack with the headline, “Bush Asserts a Clinton Role in Iraq Decline”—it’s absurd.

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