Bobby Jindal Terminates Louisiana’s Medicaid Contract With Planned Parenthood

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from The Blaze,

Louisiana is terminating the state’s Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood, Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Monday.

“In recent weeks, it has been shocking to see reports of the alleged activities taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country. Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life,” Jindal said in a statement. “It has become clear that this is not an organization that is worthy of receiving public assistance from the state.”

Louisiana is among at least nine states across the country that have opened up investigations into Planned Parenthood after an anti-abortion group released several videos seemingly showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue for research.

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals informed Planned Parenthood that is terminating the group’s Medicaid provider agreement.

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