“the products of conception”

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from The Gray Area:


The fifth video about Planned Parenthood was released this morning. In it the Planned Parenthood Director refers to aborted fetus’ as “the products of conception”.

This cold, inhuman approach to unborn children is almost unimaginable. Yet we treat these abortionists like planned parenthood as beyond reproach. Doing good for women and the world everyday. Yet they are cold, detached, producers of body parts from living beings for research and money.

If you use the “N” word, or don’t like gay marriage, you are fired from your position, your business is forced to close and you are ridiculed in the media. When you kill a living being, harvest its living body parts and distribute them for money and you are acclaimed on the floor of the Senate by the likes of Barbara Boxer, it is clear we have our priorities out of order in this country.

The movement away from ethics, morality and doing the right thing is destroying the culture of our once great nation. It is always harder to do the right thing. That’s why we set the standard for ethical behavior so high. Dehumanizing the fetus by referring to it as “the products of conception” makes it easy to avoid difficult ethical decisions. Plus difficult ethical issues just get in the way of their political ideology and objectives. Some people, like apparently those in Planned Parenthood, find that practice easier, furthers their agenda and thus they avoid the higher standard which is just too hard to follow.

I’m not going to post the video, but you can see it here if you like: