New York Times Editorial Board Misses the Point on Iran Concerns

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from The Gray Area:

The New York Times Editorial Board wrote an editorial this weekend titled Republican Hypocrisy on Iran, in which they attempt to portray Republican concerns over the Iran Nuclear Deal as inconsistent and hypocritical. As usual for the left and its party rags, the Times conveniently forgets important details and misses the bigger point completely.

Convenient lapses numbers 1 and 2. The Times offers as historical hypocrisy of Republican concerns, negotiations with Russia under Reagan and China under Nixon. The most glaring omission in this offering is that both Russia and China already had the bomb when we were negotiating. Therefore the negotiations, were much more difficult and came from a position of weakness. And in both cases the negotiations were successful. The “evil empire” came crashing down, see the Berlin Wall. And China moved to more democratic and capitalist reforms allowing them to move to a position of strength in the world economy and avoid implosion.
Comparing these to the Iran negotiations, we are and should be in a position of strength in the Iran negotiations, yet our administration decides to take a position of weakness in the negotiations, saying we have to allow Iran some freedom or we will have war as our only option. Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t have the bomb yet, so war now, which is not our only option, would be much less costly than when they do have the bomb. And besides, we have been at war since 1996 with the radical Islamic world and with Iran since 1980, yet we just chose to ignore it. In 10 years, when Iran has the bomb, we will all agree how devastating these negotiations have been.

Convenient hypocritical lapses numbers 3 and 4. What should be a thoughtful debate has been turned into a vicious battle against Mr. Obama, … the Times offers. It always strikes me as laughable every time I hear this coming from the left. The Left are well known and very effective at their use of demonization and personal destruction of anyone who dares to differ from any position they take. Most people should clearly see that every time a Republican wants to have a meaningful discussion on race, the left attacks every Republican as a “racist”! If you have a different opinion of gay marriage, they will put you out of business. And lets not forget what is going on right now as Planned Parenthood goes after the leader of the Center for Medical Progress released videos, David Daleiden.

So, if a Republican offers a very accurate historical analogy like Nazi Germany, “oh my God!, Republicans are so mean spirited”, is the most hypocritical the Democrats can be. And as far as attacking our commander in Chief, the Democrats and radical left have absolutely nowhere to stand on this issue. It is a matter of public record and annual strategy to attack Republican Presidents’ foreign policy and even subvert its execution. We only have to go back to George W. Bush to see the vile and un-American rhetoric hurled in his direction.

The bigger point missed. Let’s not mention that Iran has declared a desire to destroy the “Great Satan’ and wipe Israel off the map. So we want to conveniently forget that little tidbit in our negotiations and trust Iran to do what they promise. China never stated anything of the sort when Nixon decided to use diplomacy to open communications. Clearly Republicans recognize both evil regimes and diplomatic opportunities when they see them.

This article by The New York Times should stand as another perfect example of a weak leftist narrative, repeated by its media servants, without accurate history or perspective, that is consistently and grossly hypocritical and 180 degrees off the point.