Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts

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from Daily KOs,

By now, most of the country has heard about the ‘undercover’ videos taped by so-called ‘pro-life’ activists from the Right Wing political organization Center For Medical Progress. The released footage is aimed at smearing, defunding, and shutting down Planned Parenthood. In addition to several videos referred to as ‘new lows’ by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, the anti-choice have also hacked the organization’s website. The attack campaign is slanderous, insidious, and misleading. I could go on, but instead I’m going to step aside and let blogger Rebecca Watson explain the truth and insanity of the situation. Watson founded Skepchick in 2005, describing it as “an organization dedicated to promoting skepticism and critical thinking among women around the world.” You can support more videos like this at

Here is Watson’s transcript followed by the video:

Planned Parenthood is in the news a lot these days thanks to a maliciously edited video making it look like they SELL BABY PARTS.

It’s weird for those of us with two brain cells to rub together, that this is even a thing. Because first of all, obviously Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell BABY PARTS. Jesus fucking christ, get a hold of yourselves. Baby parts!

3% of all Planned Parenthood’s activities are abortions, and more than 90% of those are in the first trimester when it’s about size of a kidney bean, so they do see some pieces of fetal tissue. Which are just going to be thrown away in the garbage, but which the patient can instead choose to donate to important medical research.

HOW DARE THEY! How dare Planned Parenthood allow women to aid in the research and treatment of conditions like H.I.V. and Parkinson’s disease, when instead those women could just be throwing that tissue in the garbage!

So yeah, there’s the fact that Planned Parenthood obviously isn’t “selling baby parts.”

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