7 Things Media Should Know About The Third Undercover Attempt To Smear Planned Parenthood

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from Media Matters,

A third video deceptively attacking Planned Parenthood has been released, and, like the previous two, the highly-edited video shows no evidence that Planned Parenthood clinics have broken any laws by allowing women to voluntarily and safely donate fetal tissue from abortions. Media should know seven key facts about the video, including that the group behind it may have obtained the footage illegally; that the video features a lab technician who admits PPFA only receives legal reimbursement for actual costs; and that the video is largely about a separate for-profit research tissue supply company.

Anti-Choice Organization Releases New “Documentary” Alleging That Planned Parenthood Is Engaging In “Black Market In Baby Parts”

1. Lab Technician In Latest Video Admits Planned Parenthood Is Only Reimbursed For Actual Costs

2. Center for Medical Progress May Have Obtained The Footage Illegally

3. Procurement Companies Like StemExpress Act As “Middlemen,” Reimbursing Abortion Providers For Donation Costs Before Reselling To Researchers At Higher Prices

4. Latest Video Cherry-Picks From Previous Deceptively-Edited Videos

5. Critical Republican Lawmakers Voted To Legalize Fetal Tissue Donations

6. It Is Legal To Accept Reimbursement For Fetal Tissue Donation To Offset “Reasonable Expenses”

7. Experts Agree “There’s No Way There’s A Profit” For Planned Parenthood

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