ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN Sunday Shows Ignore Planned Parenthood Scandal

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from MRC-Newsbusters,

Last week, the Center for Medical Progress released a damning undercover video in which a senior official at Planned Parenthood discussed the organization’s practice of manipulating an abortion to salvage baby parts to be sold for medical research, but ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN all ignored the story during their Sunday morning political talk shows (ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, CNN’s State of the Union and NBC’s Meet the Press).

Fox News Sunday was the only one to cover Planned Parenthood during its broadcast, and devoted more than seven minutes to the controversial video.

Instead of covering Planned Parenthood, the four shows spent more than 50 minutes on Donald Trump attacking John McCain’s military record and the likely political fallout tied to his remarks.

On Fox News Sunday, moderator Chris Wallace called the undercover video “explosive” and it’s “horrifying to watch that doctor sitting there sipping her wine, eating her salad while she talks in these terms.”

BRIT HUME: Well, and statement she said. The content is the problem as has been pointed out here and whether Planned Parenthood profits directly, it certainly participates in the traffic in these fetal body parts. And the manipulation of the fetus so that you protect the saleable body parts is obviously a part of it and obviously the tone particularly the chomp and then you can get this much for a liver.

It demonstrates a callousness toward the killing of a human life that is I think a product of the abortion culture and where it has taken us. That was true also Gosnell to an even more revolting extent. And I think that’s the problem. It raises a deeper moral question about where all this is taking us.

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