Hillary Clinton’s Economic Plan

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from NCPA,

Former Secretary of State and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s economic policy speech provided nothing more than liberal progressive talking points. It could easily be a movie sequel called “Hope and Change II,” says Allen B. West, president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Mrs. Clinton took great pains to assault the industry (Wall Street) that has been a major contributor to her political efforts in the past. At a time when we are trying to kill the corporate welfare financial institution called the Export-Import Bank, Mrs. Clinton wants another one called the American Infrastructure Bank — both carried by the American taxpayer. Mrs. Clinton has obviously abandoned the successful policies of her own husband — whose praises she sings — who once stated, “The era of big government is over” and worked with Republicans on welfare reform.

Americans do not mind higher taxes if they can see better economic growth and smaller government intrusion, but Mrs. Clinton offers neither. For some inexplicable reason she believes it is the mission of government, not that of American entrepreneurs, to raise wages. It is duplicitous that Mrs. Clinton argues against the ruling in the Citizens United case viewing corporations as individuals, yet she wants corporations to share profits. Sadly, she advocates for destructive economic and tax policies that preclude Americans from doing exactly that — by way of investing and receiving capital gains and dividends.

Mrs. Clinton is just another one of those who believes that only the government “invests.” Too bad Americans cannot share in those profits since it is their hard earned resources being wasted by the inane rhetoric offered today by Mrs. Clinton.

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