Obama, Hillary, and the Progressives Will Make the U.S. into Another Greece

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from Patriot Update,

In just two terms, President Obama made significant headway in moving the U.S. economy toward his goal of socialism. No longer a free-market economy, ours currently resides in that economic Neverland known as statism. Should Hillary Clinton win the presidential election of 2016, she will, no doubt, try to take the U.S. economy the rest of the way to full-fledged socialism. She may not succeed in this regard, but she will certainly make a concerted effort and she will make progress. For this reason, it is important for Americans to understand that although socialism is clearly a misguided economic system, it is not just a misguided economic system. Unfortunately, it is much more.

Thanks to so-called progressives like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, America has contracted the disease of statism or socialism-lite and there is already evidence that freedom, liberty, entrepreneurship, and the work ethic are suffering the effects of it. This is a point that all Republican candidates will need to drive home to Americans during the current presidential campaign.

Due in part to the erosion of the entrepreneurial spirit and traditional work ethic coupled with mounting government regulations American businesses have been struggling since 2007. Even as the president touts his economic recovery, Americans still have little confidence in where our nation is heading economically. After enjoying decades of economic prosperity, America fell on hard times during the recession that began in 2007. That recession is over but the after effects still linger in the hearts and minds of Americans who lost much if not everything because of it. Although poor leadership, bad management, and questionable decision-making on the part of some business executives contributed to America’s economic woes, the bigger culprit is the federal government.

The Obama administration’s socialistic response to America’s economic problems made the recovery a longer and slower thing than it should have been and the economy—though not in recession—is still tepid at best. His policies—designed to keep the poor in poverty and dependent on government handouts—are pushing our country deeper and deeper into the murky swamp of socialism where restrictions on individual freedom are the norm, the entrepreneurial spirit is drowned in bureaucratic muck, and the traditional work ethic is replaced by an entitlement mentality. Elect Hillary Clinton and America will eventually become the United States of Greece.

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