Republican Party Makes Move to BAN Trump from GOP Debates

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from Patriot Update,

No one should be kept out of the debates. Not even if they are at the very bottom of the polls. Let them debate in multiple forums against each other and let the winners rise to the top. What’s with this censorship crap? Trump has as much right to be in the debates as anyone else. In some regards, more as he is at the very top of the polls. The Republican donors and power brokers have no right to ban him from those debates and if they do, I predict, they can kiss this election goodbye. These people are stone cold scared of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Good. Let the debates begin… Cruz is a world class debater and will mop the floor with them. Where do donors get off dictating who gets to be in the debates anyway? If you don’t like Trump being on stage, take your toys and your money and leave. Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

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