Can’t Deal With It!

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from MSNBC,

2016 Republicans bash historic Iran nuclear agreement.

Republican presidential contenders lined up on Tuesday to denounce President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran, with a number of candidates threatening to block it in Congress or undo it in the White House themselves if elected.

In a flurry of statements, GOP hopefuls warned Iran would break its promise not to pursue a bomb and that the country’s leaders would use their new found economic freedom to wreak havoc across the Middle East.

“President Obama has consistently negotiated from a position of weakness, giving concession after concession to a regime that has American blood on its hands, holds Americans hostage, and has consistently violated every agreement it ever signed,” Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said in one typical statement.

An independent group supporting Rubio released an ad trashing the deal. “Congress can stop it,” the ad from the Conservative Solutions Project goes. “Marco Rubio is leading the fight… Tell your senators to join Marco Rubio and defeat Obama’s deal with Iran.”

Jeb Bush outlined his objections in a separate statement. “This isn’t diplomacy – it is appeasement,” the former Florida governor said.

“You know the Iranians are going to cheat,” Donald Trump told NBC News in an interview on Tuesday. “They’re great negotiators and you know they’re going to cheat.”

“He should have walked away,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said in a statement urging Congress to reject the agreement.

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