The Left is Concerned about the Walker Candidacy

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from The Gray Area:

Scott Walker announced his plan to run for the Republican presidential nomination – no real surprise there. He is and will be a leading contender.

What is interesting to watch is the leftist media coverage of his campaign. The left spends more time on Walker than any of the other 15 Republican candidates for President. Of course they are currently overjoyed with Donald Trump’s campaign and have no end of fun with him. But, when they get serious, they worry about Walker.

The reason they worry is the same as the reason Walker is a strong candidate among the right – his record of success in a blue state fighting against the strongest of the special interest groups of the left – unions.

In his email to supporters, Walker pointed to his record in Wisconsin as a potential model, saying “it’s time to take the successes we have created in Wisconsin and apply them to Washington.”

Against this MSNBC wrote a Walker’s Weak Spots article. In this article they state among other things that “there are downsides [to Walker’s Wisconsin record]. He fell well short of a campaign pledge to create 250,000 jobs in his first term. Even some Republicans in the state are unhappy with his recent budget, citing policy changes unrelated to fiscal issues, steep cuts to education, and an over-reliance on borrowing.”

Pay attention to which Republican candidates the media attacks during the next 9 months. Those who get the most attention, will be the ones they fear. Walker is an early leader in this category.