Advancing the Fundamental Right to Self-Defense from Coast to Coast

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from NRA-ILA,

The next phase in this fight to expand our rights involves concealed-carry reciprocity. This effort started in the states. As shall-issue permit laws were enacted, NRA-ILA sought to ensure that states issuing permits of their own recognized permits from other states.

Some states recognize all other valid state permits, which is a great solution. In other cases, the laws require agreements between the states or impose certain conditions on recognition. Where conditions are required, NRA-ILA has worked to ensure they are as minimal as possible.

Currently, 18 states fully recognize out-of-state permits. Eight states have broad reciprocity, with no or very limited conditions on state-to-state agreements. Fourteen states have conditional reciprocity, where agreements can be implemented only if certain specific conditions are met. Finally, 10 states have no reciprocity. (For more information on the reciprocity laws in the various states, go here.)

The right to self-defense does not end at the front doors of our homes. It does not end at the edge of our properties. It does not end at any city, county or state border. It is an inalienable right that each person possesses that is as important as any other human right. That is why laws that limit the ability of law-abiding people to carry firearms—by far the best tools to ensure our ability to defend ourselves—are wrong and must be changed.

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