Rubio hits NY Times for running ‘Castro regime’s propaganda’

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from The Hill,

It’s the latest salvo in Rubio’s ongoing feud with the Times, which he has accused of biased coverage.

Rubio’s campaign fundraised last month off a pair of unflattering reports from the newspaper scrutinizing his personal finances and the driving records of him and his wife, Jeanette.

Monday’s story reported from Cuba highlights critical opinions of Rubio in that country. It also added that residents view 2016 GOP rival, former Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.) through the policies of his father and brother, and that Cuban-American Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) is largely an unknown figure in the country.

“I’m glad they see us as a threat,” Rubio said in an interview with the Times for the story, referring to his critics in Cuba. “They should.”

Rubio is a staunch opponent of President Obama’s push to normalize relations with Cuba, arguing the government of Raúl Castro hasn’t made concessions on human rights or democracy.

Obama last week announced plans to reopen embassies between the two countries

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