Let’s Just Tell the Truth. The Legacy of Racism in America is the sole property of the Democrat Party!

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from The Gray Area:

The Democrat Party Platform in 2012 stated “at the core of the Democrat Party is the principle that no one should face discrimination on the basis of race, …“. This is an extremely ironic position when you realize the legacy of racism in this country belongs to the Democrat party.

The Democrats, everyone from TV talking heads to VP Joe Biden, try to say Republicans will take blacks back to the segregation days of the 1950s when politicians stood in doorways to college to keep blacks out. Every tragedy is due to the political right-wing extremists. That the GOP strategy encompasses all that is racism. Isn’t it interesting to note that the poster child for such activity has been Governor George Wallace of Alabama, a Democrat, who ran three times for President as a Democrat. Not a Republican, a Democrat.

Look at the way Democrats treat black conservatives. Stacey Dash, Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, etc. have all been the target of vicious, racist attacks by the left, because of the positions they take. If the Democrats were the party of “no one should face discrimination on the basis of race“, how can they be the supposed champions of race issues and not applaud racial success stories regardless of political affiliation?

Because ideology in the Democrat Party trumps race, and every other issue, every time. This is clearly seen anytime a Republican has a difference of opinion with a black liberal, then the Democrat hypocrisy machine demonizes the Republican and labels them obviously racist.

Contrary to Democrat spin and popular opinion, it was Republicans who passed the Civil Rights bill in 1964 and supported civil rights throughout our history. Yes, one of the claims to fame of the liberal propaganda machine, Democrats are responsible for the Civil Rights Bill, not true. Democrat President (LBJ) supported, but it was voted in by Republicans in Congress. And, Republican sponsored legislation had been previously passed by Republicans (anti-lynching laws, public accommodations legislation, anti-poll tax legislation and the Republican platform endorsing Brown vs the Board of Education) in the 20th century.

The Democrats are still fighting the civil war. They are still fighting slavery which ended in this country 150 years ago. They are still fighting segregation which ended 60 years ago. The Democrats are selling this mush by re-writing 238 years of history to blur their poor legacy.

By the way, ever notice how black Democrats only get elected in majority black districts. Black Republicans get elected in majority white districts. What does that tell you about segregation and who stands for success of the individual with no regard to color?

Supposedly Democrats moved away from the much maligned Southern States due to their racist ways. Yet, these States did not change their Democrat voting habits for President until 1980, for Ronald Reagan. Liberal star Bill Clinton was the longtime Governor of Arkansas. And, his Vice President, Al Gore, Senator from Tennessee.

Racism is the most utilized and most inaccurate of all the marketing weapons of the left. The truth is, the legacy of racism in America belongs to the Democrat party.