Pro-abortion protester endorses ‘post-natal abortions’

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from LifeSiteNews,

During Canada’s March for Life, which took place this weekend, a pro-choice man is interviewed and admits it would be OK to kill a baby after birth.

During the interview he is asked if abortion one month before a child is born is OK, and the man agrees it would be.

He is then asked if it is OK to abort a baby one week before birth.

His reply, “That’s her decision again.

A day?” he is asked.

Also her decision,” the pro-choice man says.

It’s not for me or any member of Parliament or religious institution organization to tell her otherwise,” he replied.

The man’s sign read, “A woman’s body is her own f-ing business.

But, apparently, even if the baby’s body is separated from the woman’s body, this pro-choice male believes it is OK to murder the baby.

The interviewer with Rebel Media then asks him, “How about post-natal abortion?

And he responds without hesitation, “Post-natal abortion? I mean – if that’s the option- that’s the option,” he says with absolutely no reluctance.

But, again, I’m not advocating murder of any kind,” he continues.

Uh – yeah you are!

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