Vietnam Vet says Dems set themselves against military

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from American Prosperity Network,

It’s long been known Democrats have set themselves against the U.S. military.

Many of the policies they’ve passed have been aimed at harming both veterans and the American people at large.

And on Memorial Day, when people should be filled with a sincere debt to fallen soldiers, many aren’t. And it’s not their fault really.

One Vietnam vet is none too happy about it. The people he blames for the change?

The Democrats in charge, namely Obama.

In an interview with World Net Daily Navy Capt. Eugene “Red” McDaniel is the author of Scars and Stripes, his personal account of being shot down over the forests of Vietnam and the subsequent time he spent in captivity under the ruthless communist regime, had some tough words for the commander in chief and his minions.

He lamented the people who are in control right now, specifically the Democrats, are a bunch who really aren’t worthy of much support at all. They’ve created a culture where soldiers aren’t respected or appreciated.

He told World Net Daily he’s “reached a point where I decided the leadership isn’t worthy of the sacrifices people are making for it.”

This Memorial Day those words are more poignant than ever.

The total losses to American military members number in the millions.

But what’s most disheartening is how the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform are seen as cheap and inconsequential. The recent bloodbath that lead to Ramadi being overtaken by ISIS proves the commander in chief and his leadership care nothing of the sacrifices made by American soldiers to help capture the city a number of years ago.

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