Obama NLRB Declares War on Right To Work

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from National Right to Work Committee Newsletter,

The Obama National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been hitting at the edge of Right To Work for six years; now it has signaled a frontal assault on Right To Work freedom.

In a recent announcement, the NLRB signaled that it intends to force non-members in Right To Work states to pay for union grievance representation. This is a head-on assault by the NLRB to undermine Right To Work protections.

Union bosses create grievance policies and force all employees, union and non-union, under a monopoly bargaining contract to accept union representation in those grievances.

It is well understood in Labor Law that union officers “own the grievance process.” In fact, in all grievance proceedings union officers must be allowed to participate and have the “right” to reject any grievance resolution that may conflict with the existing contract. Moreover, in many grievance procedures, only the union can file appeals. Now, the NLRB wants to force non-members to pay for this forced unionism power.

The NLRB clearly intends to undo precedents dating back to 1953, and force non-union members to pay union fees for grievance procedures which union contracts mandate that each employee utilize.

This is the ultimate payback by Obama’s NLRB to Big Labor before the next presidential election.

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