Ten Times George Stephanopoulos Sucked Up to the Clintons on ABC News

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from Media Research Center,

George Stephanopoulos may be in trouble right now for donating cash to the Clintons but for years he’s been giving in-kind contributions, in the form of on-air praise and suck-up questions to them in his time as anchor of Good Morning America and host of This Week.

In a 2007 interview with former President Bill Clinton about the Clinton Global Initiative, Stephanopoulos asked if his old boss worried that he might be become better remembered as the “philanthropist who happened to be President.” He also gleefully wondered if Bill’s old slogan of “buy one, get one free” was still in effect if Hillary were to win the presidency as he pressed: “Is it more true now than it was then?”

Stephanopoulos has also, not-so-subtly, pressed guests from Nancy Pelosi to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor about the prospect of a female president. And, of course, in 2008 he called a potential Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton team-up the “dream ticket.”

The following are just a few examples, from the MRC archives, of Stephanopoulos praising the Clintons from his ABC News perch:

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