‘Real O’Neals’ Just as Anti-Catholic hate speech

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from MRC,

ABC released the trailer for its new pilot sitcom – The Real O’Neals – which is about a gay teenager struggling with how to tell his parents. The O’Neal family is described as Irish-Catholic, which looks to be a significant factor in the show as most of the “jokes” appear to be at the expense of the Catholic Church.

The trailer is about as tasteless as one can imagine, with a constant stream of sexually explicit “jokes” while mocking Catholics throughout its entirety.

With a show based on the life of Dan Savage (also a producer for the show) what else could one expect? He has a long history of obscenity and anti-Christian bigotry. It’s difficult to imagine why ABC — or its parent company Disney — would want to associate with and glorify someone like Savage.

Savage is a hateful anti-Christian bigot who publishes filth under the guise of “sex advice.” Some of his greatest hits: In March Savage invited Dr. Ben Carson to “S— my d—.” Last January, he suggested the Christian parents whose transgender teen committed suicide be charged with murder, tweeting “an example needs 2 be made.” He’s hoped Sarah Palin gets cancer, and marked the retirement of Pope Benedict’s retirement by headlining his column: “That M—–f—–g Power-Hungry, Self-Aggrandized Bigot In the Stupid F—–g Hat Announces His Retirement.”

Most infamously, because Savage didn’t like something Sen. Rick Santorum said about homosexuality back in 2003, he “Google-Bombed” the senator’s name in the vilest possible way.
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