What to say to The Eric Sheppard Challenge

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from IJReview,

A new social media trend has upset many Americans, and it’s easy to see why. A Georgia college student and purported Black Panther member, Eric Sheppard, entreated social media users to stomp on and desecrate the American flag, then post their pictures and videos with the hash tag: #TheEricSheppardChallenge.

One U.S. Marine veteran, Shane Lawler, recently spoke out about the “challenge.” In the video above, he relayed his views of those who seek to debase, or dishonor, the U.S. flag he defended.

Lawler made this point before launching into some more direct assertions:

At some point in history, my ancestors, your ancestors, everybody’s ancestors fought in some way, shape or form to be a part of this country and reside in the nation over which that flag flies.

Then added:

If you don’t like what America has to offer, pack your s**t and get the f**k out.”

“There might be another country on this planet that is capable of dealing with your bulls**t, but that’s not me.”

The veteran isn’t the only one speaking out about this trend. Many flocked to Twitter to voice their dismay …

A warrant for Eric Sheppard’s arrest was recently issued on suspicion of a concealed weapon.

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