Bob Schieffer’s Outrageous Bias

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from MRC,

Last Sunday on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’ Bob Schieffer hosted the president of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, to discuss the current case before the Supreme Court regarding the definition of marriage. The two proceeded in their conversation, but not before Bob Schieffer introduced his guest as president of the “most vocal…anti-gay hate group.”

Schieffer continued by mentioning that he was “inundated” with requests to cancel Perkins’s appearance because he “does not speak for Christians.”

This was blatantly unprofessional and a transparent attempt at discrediting Mr. Perkins and the Family Research Council’s work to build a culture that is centered on the family and traditional values.

In response, more than 40 conservative leaders including the Media Research Center’s president, Brent Bozell, co-signed a letter to CBS demanding an apology from Bob Schieffer and CBS.

“This is another example of the left’s continued war against Judeo-Christian people of faith. The left’s allies in the liberal media will stop at nothing to silence, censor, and shame Americans who embrace traditional values. It’s become an epidemic and it’s sickening. If Bob Schieffer has any integrity, he will apologize on Face the Nation for using SPLC as a resource to smear people of faith.” – Brent Bozell, President – MRC

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