Media Bias begins anew as presidential election season gets started

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from MRC,

The media have always been liberal, but when election season rolls around, their evident bias knows no bounds.

Now as the 2016 primaries begin to heat up, the liberal media have already begun to institute their predictable tactics to destroy conservative ideas while propping up their favorite left-wing policies:

– They’ve launched a full frontal attack on front-runner Scott Walker, mocking his education credentials while labeling him as a “porn star” who “has emerged straight from central casting as a Tarantino-like hero.”
– Labeled by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews as “the new Joe McCarthy” and denounced by Bloomberg View columnist Al Hunt as an obstructionist, Ted Cruz has become a victim to the predictable demonization tactics of the liberal media.
– Not even successful, self-made surgeon Dr. Ben Carson is insulated from the liberal media’s sarcasm. Called out by The New Yorker’s Jelani Cobb as the “black conservative whose mere presence inoculates other Republicans from charges of racism,” Carson has been labeled by the liberal media as “a front man for the GOP’s movement to strike at the heart of democracy.”

Meanwhile, the same liberal media gush over Hillary Clinton, the presumed front-runner of the Left, even as she’s dogged by scandal after scandal.

The so-called “news” media cannot be trusted as any sort of referee of our election process. Their collusion with liberals is costing the country a better, freer future.

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