Media Election Bias begins to support Hillary

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from MRC,

Despite the scandals that seem to dog her wherever she goes, Hillary Clinton remains a de facto presidential nominee. Benghazi . . . secret government emails . . . dubious Clinton Foundation donations . . . all these have surfaced in the news but seem to conveniently go away. (This list is not even remotely comprehensive.)

One can’t help but ask, how did a woman with such a staggering number of personal, political, and financial scandals become a major party front-runner?

The answer is simple: Hillary Clinton is a liberal, and in typical fashion, her cohorts in the liberal media have inoculated her from real scrutiny:

– CNN anchor Jake Tapper helped deflect criticism of Clinton when he strangely suggested that Benghazi always seemed like more of a White House scandal than a State Department scandal.
– In fact, after Hillary’s ridiculous “what difference does it make” defense before Congress, scooped up by media lapdogs as some kind of “riveting” triumph, the liberal media never held her to account for the death of Ambassador Stevens or the three other Americans.
– In less than two weeks after Clinton’s email scandal broke, the evening news networks dropped the story altogether, failing to even mention the possible criminal charges Clinton could face for her improper record-keeping.

We cannot stand by and let this journalistic dereliction continue.

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