The Attack on Marrigage and religion sounds a lot like persecution of the Jews by Hitler

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from Texas Values,

Picture this nightmare with me.

One day a reporter walks in to your pizza joint and casually asks a hypothetical question about that controversy up the road in the capital. Would you serve a gay customer? You answer just as casually: sure––you serve everybody. Would you cater a gay wedding? Well… probably not. That’s participating in something against your Christian faith. Not that you’ve ever been asked. No one orders pizza for weddings.

Within hours, it is being reported that your shop is “The State’s First Business to Publicly Deny Same-Sex Service.” Your phone rings with a death threat––then dozens more. News trucks gather outside your window. They’re joined by a mob snarling hateful slogans. On the national news, celebrities condemn you by name. Gay pornography, obscenities, and threats flood your website and Facebook page. On social media, a high-school coach invites others to help burn your business down.

Two days later, you’re forced to close, not sure if your business will ever reopen. You flee with your family into hiding. Your lives literally in danger.

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