Don’t be fooled, this is all according to plan

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from The Gray Area:

In the last two days you have seen two different Governors say that they are considering a campaign to be the Democrat Party candidate for President. Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island and Martin O’Malley of Maryland are apparently considering a run. Both are apparently targeting the liberal Democrat base that Hillary Clinton is supposedly going to ignore. This follows months of conversation about liberal Mass Senator Elizabeth Warren being a candidate for far left Democrats.

Also, it has been rumored the past two days that Hillary will formally announce her candidacy this weekend.

Simultaneously, several pundits have offered perspective on how Hillary will position herself in the campaign and what her message will be. Karl Rove stated that Mrs. Clinton needs to distance herself from President Obama and his foreign-policy mistakes. The Huffington Post states that Mrs. Clinton must find a way to appeal to progressives, as if she were not naturally a progressive, liberal Democrat.

What does all this activity around the Democrat Party Presidential contest mean? Does it mean that Democrats are concerned with Hillary Clinton as their candidate? Does it mean that Mrs Clinton is too centrist for the far left liberals in her party?

No. Don’t be fooled by any of this. Mrs Clinton is the same liberal Democrat she has always been. There is nothing centrist about her except maybe her husband. No, this is all part of the Democrat campaign strategy to distance Mrs Clinton from her far left liberal worldview and from President Obama. If she can pull the wool over the eyes of independents, as her husband did, as Obama did, she can win the presidency in 2016.

Independents are concerned with Mr Obama’s 8 years because of his foreign policy incompetence, his constitutional disdain and his ‘my way or the highway’ arrogance. They are also concerned that in their minds, far left social progressives are as dangerous as the media would have you believe far right conservatives are. So, to go head on at positioning Mrs Clinton against far left members of her party will convince independents that she is not one of them and therefore a safe bet to be the first women president.

While her message has not yet been officially leaked, she will go hard after the “I am woman, hear me roar” theme. She and her daughter Chelsea have just published a report, the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project initiative on global workforce participation of women. They didn’t do this just for fun. It will be evidence that will be front and center in her campaign.

So when you are safely distanced from the far left and President Obama and running to be the first woman president succeeding the first black president, the strategy to go head up on the issue makes perfect sense. Her supposed competitors will be soundly beaten in early primaries and drop out quickly. Leaving Mrs Clinton as the moderate voice from the Democrats facing a far right conservative Republican. Don’t be fooled, all this activity in the Democrat campaign is part of the plan.