How can you trust people who do this?

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from The Gray Area:

On March 31st in a CNN interview, Harry Reid made the following admission, he has no regrets for lying about Mitt Romney in 2012! Reid accused Romney of not paying taxes.

His rationale for the lie, Romney didn’t win did he?

Incredibly, the best CNN could do was say that he accused Romney “inaccurately” of not paying taxes. Oh thanks, 3 years later, for letting us know the truth. Where were you in 2012?

Ok, I could go after the media for another failed example of letting the Democrats get away with anything, but this post is about Harry Reid and those he represents.

It could be said “accurately” that I should not be upset about a politician lying. It has been done consistently throughout American Presidential political history. But that doesn’t make it right. Nor is it ever excusable like CNN did here. And, like every other mainstream media networks did at the time.

How can you vote for someone who would do this? How can you support someone who would lie to win the Presidency of the US? I don’t mean someone who would simply change positions on issues to get votes. Or, someone who blatantly lies, defames his opponent. Not offering his opinion of his opponent’s actions, but making knowingly false claims. Isn’t that illegal?

Clearly those who do this are more interested in ideology and control than doing good for the country. Is any means justified by the end to Harry Reid and those he represents?

And I don’t mean just Nevada citizens he represents who continued to re-elect him, though this is squarely on you Nevada. But it also speaks loudly about those Mr. Reid supports and who support him. Don’t you expect more from your leaders? How can you vote for people like this? How can you trust people who do this? Doesn’t it bring into question every decision he made and press conference he held as majority leader in the Senate?

Oh, by the way, speaking of those he represents, does the quote, “you can keep your insurance if you like it” come to mind? President Obama lying about Obamacare, a bill that Harry Reid pushed through Congress using every political trick in the book and without one non-partisan vote or the support of the American people. Huh!

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