No Other Option

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from MSNBC,

The essential truth about the nuclear deal with Iran.

On Friday, April 3, [Zbigniew Brzezinski] spoke by phone with MSNBC to discuss the framework nuclear agreement the U.S. reached with Iran on Thursday.

MSNBC: The United States and Iran, along with five major world powers, just reached an historic agreement to begin steps to limit Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of some economic sanctions. Plenty of details still need to be resolved, and we’re not expecting a final agreement until June 30. But let me ask you, is this a good deal? Is this a deal you would have made?

Brzezinski: On the whole, yes. I think the alternative is far worse.

MSNBC: The alternative being?

Brzezinski: No deal.

MSNBC: And would that have led us to a military option?

Brzezinski: There certainly would have been heightened pressure to rely on a military option. But the military option itself is highly unpredictable in its consequences. It would have led to a sense of letdown and misgivings and uncertainty and accusations and so forth.

So in either case, I think this is a positive development – assuming it holds. And assuming it holds in a variety of ways and among a variety of players.

MSNBC: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a vocal opponent of this deal from the start. Is this actually a good deal for Israel, from your point of view?

Brzezinski: I think ultimately, if it works, it is a very good deal. I think it increases security and stability in the region. I think, moreover, Mr. Netanyahu has really discredited himself by his public attacks on the position of the president of a country that has been the strongest supporter of Israel over the last several decades. I think it’s in a bad taste, it’s in bad form, it’s bad politics, and it’s bad strategy.

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