Do we recognize their tactics when used in our own country?

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from The Gray Area:

What would you do if you owned a small business and hundreds of people came by to attack your business? They gathered out front, they chased customers away, they broke windows, they wrote lude, crude and obscene images on your building, inside your store and shouted the same to the public. What would you do?

How would you describe this type of activity? Is it free speech? Is it a legal demonstration? Or, is it just criminal activity?

There is no question that this is illegal, it is unjust. It is bullying. It is racketeering. It is assault. It is extortion. It is intended to destroy your business!

Your natural reaction would be to call the police and have the perpetrators arrested, taken to trial and most likely sent to jail. So why does that not happen to on-line attackers who do the same thing?

In Walkerton, IN, Memories Pizza had this happen to them for sharing their opinion, and worse according tot he criminals, their religious beliefs. According to MSNBC, in reaction, hundreds took to the restaurant’s Yelp page and flooded it with negative comments, one-star ratings and photographs of scantily clad men. … [The owners said they are] considering shuttering the business.

This is not the first time the radical left has used the organized crime intimidation and extortion tactic to further their political views. They did it at Hobby Lobby. They did it at Chik-Fil-A. Occupy people did it all over the country. And many, many others. Consequences for criminal activity? Crickets.

Can you think of anyone else who used lies, threats, extortion, intimidation and violence to further political objectives? Right. Every totalitarian tyrant in the 20th century and every one throughout history.

So pick your favorite; Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, et al and you would be right. This is what the radical left is doing and the rest of us do nothing about it. Some of us, the mainstream media, are actually complicit in the criminal activity. Oh, right, that is more of the same tyrannical thing, control of the media and propaganda.

And, why when there are already 19 states and the federal government with similar laws, is Indiana the focus of such a loud national outrage? Think Final Four! Think media propaganda landslide opportunity.

In this country having an opinion is not illegal and never should be. We put up with stupid opinions all the time in a free society. Watch MSNBC and you will see stupid opinions every minute. Its not illegal.

In this country, no matter what your political grievance you do not have the right to riot, to extort, to destroy property or to otherwise be a public delinquent. You do have the right to peacefully demonstrate, but there is a difference. A big difference. Rioting, on line criminal activity and the like is against the law in a society of laws. And, we need to enforce the difference while we discuss the important issues of our day.

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