FINALLY, everyone agrees – US Foreign Policy is Nonexistent

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from The Gray Area:

With the developing chaos and struggle for control in the Middle East, the void in a clear and sustainable US foreign policy has finally become clear to everyone.

The left leaning New York Times headline today; A Policy Puzzle on US Goals in Middle East. The NYT story makes many good points, among them this gem: “Few disagree that the continuing tumult in the Middle East has scrambled American priorities there. This has led many to argue that the Obama administration’s policy for the region is adrift — without core principles to anchor it.”

Republican Karl Rove last night on FoxNews, “Is the Obama Administration Losing Control of its Foreign Policy?”
Are politics driving his foreign policy?

The Wall Street Journal on the front page this morning, Middle East Heavyweights Choose Sides and Obama Struggles with Messy Middle East.

Of course, on the far left MSNBC site today, US, Iran find common enemy in ISIS. They continue to push their laughably transparent support for all things Obama. Wow.

As the Wall Street Journal and New York Times said respectively in their separate articles today; The coordinated Arab attacks led by Saudi Arabia began early Thursday morning and targeted the Shiite-linked Houthi militant group in Yemen. They followed weeks of talks on forging a joint military force to combat what some nations see as regional threats from Iran coupled with a U.S. reluctance to intervene. The momentary moral clarity of the demands for democracy across the region [Arab Spring 4 yrs ago] has been replaced by difficult choices among enemies and unappealing allies who have rushed to fill power vacuums.

During the Cold War, the growth of communism around the world backed by the former Soviet Union was threatening world order and American interests, including threats for the death of America. To that a strategy of containment was instituted. While executed poorly by certain administrations, particularly LBJ, this strategy continued to apply US influence and eventually won the day in stemming the growth of communism and toppling the Soviet Union.

Where is the 21st century version of this 20th century policy of containment? That kind of foreign policy is desperately needed now to match the 21st Century threat of Islamic extremism, Iran’s push for worldwide militant leadership and nuclear weapons and radical Islam’s declared wars against Israel and the US?

But, will the mainstream media apply the necessary pressure to correct this policy vacuum or will they once again fall into lockstep behind the propaganda from the Obama Administration?

And, more importantly, will the American people wake up and identify the threat, show some intestinal fortitude and demand political leadership, and vote their belief in 2016?