5 Reasons Why On Its 5th Anniversary ObamaCare Still Sucks

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from Breitbart.com,

Today is ObamaCare’s 5th birthday, the most partisan major law ever passed, and it was done so by a president using procedural tricks, lies so expansive the word “Nixonian” doesn’t do them justice, and a complicit and corrupt mainstream media that protected rather than vetted it.

Like most on the hard-left, President Obama doesn’t understand America, and he surely doesn’t understand Americans. This is why he and his ilk foolishly believed that once the law was enacted it would grow in popularity. What a folly. According to the most recent polls, a majority (by a huge +9.5% margin) of the American people want the boondoggle repealed. Disapproval is up almost 5 points since the first poll of the law taken back in 2009.

The American people hate ObamaCare because they are Americans, and Americans don’t believe it is the government’s place to coerce them into buying something. Moreover, after decades of evidence, we also know that everything the federal government touches goes to hell.

Five years on, here are five reasons why ObamaCare still sucks:

1. Premiums are 24.4% Higher Than They Would Have Been Without ObamaCare:

2. Less Choice For Patients: From 1232 Private Market Insurers To 310

3. Deficit Exploded to $1.2 Trillion with a “T”

4. Media and Government Lying About ObamaCare Expanding Coverage to Millions

5. ObamaCare’s Deductibles Are Killing Families

In summation: The ObamaCare victims vastly outweigh the beneficiaries. It is not even close.

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