Islam is a Political movement Masquerading as a religion

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by Bryan Walsh,

from Universal Free Press,

A couple of weeks ago Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons attended the true Defeat Jihad Summit, an event hosted by Frank Gaffney, which was taking place at approximately the same time as the false, Muslim love-fest pageant that the Obama regime was putting on. The Obama affair was a PR stunt designed to deflect outrage over international terrorism and to shore up Islam’s tarnished image. The Defeat Jihad Summit was intended to do exactly that, provide insight into how to meet the threat. Unlike the regime that pretends to be fighting a sort of generic radical extremism that they refused to identify, attendees at the Gaffney event know the enemy is Islamic terrorism and they make a point of identifying it.

The admiral quoted Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey as saying “Islam is Islam, there are no modifiers. Democracy is the train we ride to our ultimate objective.” We must recognize that Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion. Any thinking American should be able to grasp the strategy of the Obama Administration as “Anti-American, Anti-Western, Pro-Islamic, Pro-Iranian And Pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”

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