NBC Is Calling This Scott Walker’s ‘First Major Blunder’ of the 2016 Race

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from IJReview,

After the Iowa Freedom Summit at the end of January, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been riding a wave of support and approval from conservatives and Republicans alike.

While speaking to a huge crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, Walker said:

If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.

The next morning, NBC’s Today host Matt Lauer led the morning show by calling Walker’s comments the “governor’s gaffe.”

Governor’s gaffe? Presidential hopeful Scott Walker under fire for saying his experience with union protesters has prepared him to take on ISIS. Is it the first major blunder of the presidential race?

In NBC Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell’s report that followed, she said that she had talked with Walker’s aides, and that they said Walker’s comments were “in no way comparing any American citizen to ISIS.”

According to Newsbusters, NBC’s competitor, CBS This Morning, didn’t think anything of the perceived “gaffe,” instead reporting:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has surged in recent polls, got the biggest reception today.

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