The Annual Democrat National Convention took place last night in Hollywood

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from The Gray Area:

On Sunday, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held their annual Oscars Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Always a much anticipated event, as it recognizes excellence in all areas of movie production, the show has movie goers, including myself, watching to see if our favorite movies and actors win any awards.

Unfortunately, since the radical left began to take over Hollywood some 50+ years ago, it is almost impossible to sit through the 4-hour event without at least a couple of leftist political rants by a winner, a presenter, the MC or other participant. Last night was no different.

Why can’t we have more positive commentary at these events? Why can’t we build up instead of tear down? There is a reason why. The radical ideological positions that have overcome Hollywood movie production and awards and national news organizations are based on “fundamental change” for the United States. To achieve “fundamental change” requires convincing the populace that the United States is fundamentally bad. We are racist, bigoted, intolerant, unfair, sexist, religiously dangerous, gun obsessed, violent, etc. Saying anything positive defeats the progress over time of convincing people how bad we are. “We” being those of us who disagree, but not those of us like you and those you admire (as in movie stars) who are more successful, intelligent, feel for you and whose example you should follow.

MC Neil Patrick Harris opened the show echoing pre-show protests by saying this Oscars attracted the best and “whitest”. Ok, funny. But, one look at the audience and the performers will prove this to be a false narrative.

Patricia Arquette in her acceptance speech for best supporting actress for her role in Boyhood, called for equal wages for women. Arquette’s “equal wages” rant is also a false narrative. There is no significant gender wage gap. This is manipulated data and emotional marketing by adored elites to help promote the negative, unfair messaging and eventually degrade our economy. With a degraded economy, it is much easier to convert people to a “fundamental change”. Hitler did it in Germany in the 1920’s & 30’s.

And, Glory wins best original song. As the story in RollingStone explains; … images of the civil rights movement and the march on Selma appeared in the background, Common and John Legend performed the song shortly before their win. A chorus joined the duo onstage, slowly marching in lockstep to simulate civil rights protestors. David Oyelowo, who played Martin Luther King Jr. in the film, was brought to tears following the performance.

“We wrote this song for a film that was based on events that were 50 years ago, but we say that Selma is now because the struggle for justice is right now,” Legend said in his acceptance speech. … Common said. “The spirit of this bridge transcends race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and social status.”

The Common & Legend rant around Selma and the Glory song that “we say that Selma is now because the struggle for justice is right now”. Along with the obviously politically produced performance of the song, his also pushed a false narrative, that race relations today are the same as those in 1965. From someone who was around during the original march on Selma, today is nothing like 1965. Tremendous progress has been made which is clearly obvious at the Oscars when you look at the movies, the actors, the songs, the presenters, and the audience. But, facts and accurate, positive imagery don’t matter. Only the negative imagery that furthers the negative emotional message of a wrong that needs to be righted – now. That “fundamental change” is needed in this country. A message that we all know is completely false. But, we continue to have the messages forced down our throats.

No, this is not new. As mentioned earlier, it has been going on for most of 3 generations, unfortunately, with great persuasive success. This is made more effective today with our exploding technological change in all media. Information can come to us immediately, from multiple sources, without responsibility for accuracy or perspective. And, worst of all, these negative messages are sent around the world, for people to consume and accept, who have no chance of understanding the truth.

We must constantly make note of the propaganda messaging within our everyday information, otherwise the brainwashing will be complete and America “fundamentally changed’ and purposely destroyed. Beware. Be aware. Expect to find messages in your favorite TV shows and movies. Messages like; bad corporations conspiring to steal money from the middle class. Rich people conspiring to maintain their riches taking advantage of the poor. Religious zealots and militia at home are violent and in-tolerant of the American melting pot. Oil companies destroying the environment for profit. And, on and on. I have seen all of these in “Blacklist“. No mention of our real enemies, both foreign and domestic. And when those real and positive messages do break through (American Sniper), then they are vehemently and continuously attacked. Be informed. Vary your news and entertainment sources so that you can receive balanced messages on issues and debates. Vote wisely. It is your only defense.