The Best States to Find a Job

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from NCPA,

Having trouble finding a job? Maybe you should move. Kate Scanlon of the Daily Signal reports on a new Gallup poll which reveals which states are most likely to be hiring. The poll asked employed workers whether their employers were hiring, firing, expanding or downsizing. The results?

– North Dakota sits in first place for the best hiring climate, where it has been for the last six years due to energy development. In North Dakota, almost half (48 percent) of workers reported that their employers were hiring, while 12 percent said their employers were letting employees go
– Behind North Dakota was Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Utah.
– On the other hand, the worst hiring climate in the United States is Connecticut, where just 33 percent of employees reported that their employers were hiring and 17 percent reported that their employers were firing workers.
– Just behind Connecticut were Alaska, New Mexico, West Virginia, Maine, New Jersey and Mississippi.

Contrast North Dakota’s experience with that of New York, which was twelfth from the bottom according to the poll. Scanlon interviewed Heritage policy analyst James Sherk who noted that New York has decided to ban hydraulic fracturing, a process which has sent North Dakota and Texas to the top of the job-creation charts.

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