South Korean Pastor’s ‘Drop Box’ Saves Hundreds of Unwanted, But ‘Perfect’ Lives

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from The Daily Signal,

Most people associate the words “drop box,” with the online file-sharing tool that allows users to share data across computers and smartphones from anywhere, instantly.

But for Jong-rak Lee, a pastor from Seoul, South Korea, the term has a very different meaning.

For Lee, a drop box is a way to save hundreds of unwanted infants from being abandoned on the crowded streets of Seoul each year.

A depository—literally, an oversized metal mail box—sits outside Lee’s Presbyterian church in South Korea’s capital. It is lined with a blanket and equipped with heating to keep abandoned babies safe from the cold.

The idea is to allow mothers to deposit their children without being seen.

So far, Lee has collected 652 children in his drop box. Lee and his wife are guardians of 19 children. Two of them are their biological children. For the others, a small staff helps Lee find the children homes with loving parents.

Every month, more infants arrive in the drop box — about 25 babies every month.

Some children suffer from various disabilities. But in most cases, the only thing wrong with the infants is that they are unwanted.

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