A Rigged Game in Nevada

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by Frank Miniter,

from America’s First Freedom,

Nevadan’s are being Swindled into “Universal Background Checks” that are an invitation to massive government intrusion into their gun rights. They know an uninformed populace can be duped into voting away their freedom.

The poll-tested phrase “universal background checks” was used to cloak the legal language of an 18-page voter initiative in Washington State. The NRA, many police officers and others who’d read the initiative did all they could to call attention to what the initiative actually said and would do.

Law enforcement noted it was mostly unenforceable. Gun owners asked why checking out or shooting someone else’s gun with the gun owner’s permission should first require them to “transfer” the gun through a dealer. Such common sense, however, was drowned out by a multi-million dollar ad campaign funded mostly by a few mega-wealthy individuals. As a result, a majority of Washington State voters passes the initiative.

Now, “universal background check” legislation is spreading to other states by anti-gun groups whose members are hoping to dupe other voters into criminalizing much of what American gun owners have always done legally. At press time, anti-gun groups had gotten enough signatures to put a universal background check voter initiative on the ballot in Nevada during the 2016 election. Similar efforts are underway in other states.

The Nevada initiative is similar to legislation considered in the state in 2013.

Republican Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed it.

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