The FDA Will Not Regulate Things That Increase the Flow of Your Qi

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By John R. Graham,

from NCPA,

Qi, as I understand it, is a term in Chinese culture that refers to the life force or natural energy that flows in living things and, perhaps, the entire universe. Many Americans know about it through Chinese traditional medicine or martial arts. If you are a fan of such practices, you will be glad to learn that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced that it has no plans to regulate items which claim “to increase, improve, or enhance the flow of qi” as medical devices.

Well, that is a relief to many, I suppose. Nevertheless, it invites the question: Why is the law governing the regulation of medical devices so poorly written that it gives the FDA so much power that it has to re-assure us that it won’t regulate our qi-quickening gadgets?

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